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Veterans of Foreign Wars Texas



District 14 Commander Monthly Comments

September 2020


Dear Comrades,

I pray that this communication finds you and your families in good health and spirit.

In spite of the deadly COVID 19 pandemic, the District is doing well and I’m very proud of our Post Commanders who have reached out to the District for additional training. Continue to march forward and come up with innovative ways to bring in revenue and don’t forget to write your local Congressional Representatives. The Governor must remove the hand cuffs from our organization so we can provide that safe home away from home for our Veterans. We must register and vote this year. Post Commanders, I ask that you meet regularly with your Auxiliary Presidents and bring them in on your planning efforts. Our commitment, communication and teamwork will be the cornerstone to success.

I want to thank all of the Post Commanders for your representation at our virtual Commanders Call, which is a great success and we are leading the state with our activities. It brings me great pleasure to announce that we will get our District mentorship program off the ground this month, with VFW Post 1820 being the first Post to pilot the program. I will put out more information pertaining to our mentorship program this week! We will do a commemorative tribute for the National VFW & 100th Texas VFW birthday and POW/MIA at our District meeting. Other VPRs this month; VJ Day Sept 2nd , Patriot’s Day Sept 11th .


   - We kick off our Post Inspections this month, please show the District inspectors the same courtesy and respect that you have given me.

   - Mandatory donations: Buddy Poppy, MAP, National Home for Children, National Military Services, reference your Texas VFW SOP.

   - Post Service Officer registered, and Post Quartermaster bonded due September 1st . District Mental Health Fair, September 12 at Post 3892, District Meeting, September 19 at Post 1820. OIF VPR due by September 30th .

   - Ensure you are preparing to complete your 2019 ISR Form 990 which is due December 21st. Once you complete the 990, you must make a copy of the front page and forward it to Wayne Cooley at the Department HQs.

   - Voice of Democracy and Patriot Pen entries for 2020-2021 are due to the Post by Saturday November 15th. Post winners must be submitted to the District by December 1 st . District winners must be submitted to the Department by December 15th .

Comrades, in closing, we must be proactive not reactive and get our bills paid and knock out our mandatory observances and programs. Keep up the good work and if you need any assistance do not hesitate to contact me. We are ONE TEAM, READY & FORWARD!

Carlo S. Davis

Carlo S. Davis


District 14

Department of Texas