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District 14 Commander Monthly Comments

September 2019


On September 21, 2019 we will have our first District 14 Meeting at Post 10376 in Lake Belton starting at 9:00 A.M. with registration and Joint Meeting at 10.00 A.M. Post 10377 Commander John Buford and his staff have worked very hard for this event. Take time to “Thank” him and his staff on a “Great Job” for our first meeting of 2019-2020. He has worked hard to set a “STANDARD” for all Commanders to follow!

Our first State Representative for 2019-2020 Year is Marvin Lockhart Department Deputy State Inspector for Commander Keith King.

I encourage each Post to take care of their “Membership” each quarter by using Program Funds to increase members by 25%. We must take care of our Comrades to ensure that we will have a VFW for our future Comrades. I would like to see each Post schedule Membership Drive each quarter to meet the National and State Commanders goal of 100% plus one for 2019-2020. To keep an eye on “STATUS REPORT”.

Remember, Commander Keith King has made some changes on VPRs for 2019-2020. Only 4 mandatory requirements found in Section 223 of our National By-Laws and 6 others for the year found in State SOP but a total of 18 for All State requirements. You only need twenty (20) community services, six (6) youths and nine (9) Americanism for this year. Remember to check the SOP for Texas VFW Posts to view all upcoming Deadline Dates. 

As we close out the First quarter, we have a lot of work that needs to be done before Mid-Winter. I am counting on all Commanders to ensure that we can achieve our monthly and quarterly requirements. We have a lot of dedicated Comrades of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and Members of the VFW Auxiliary, together we build a “WINNING TEAM” for 2019-2020.

It is the responsibility of all Commanders to ensure that your VPR’s and other correspondences/requirements are sent to Department and been received and processed. Again, use the SOP for Texas VFW Posts to view all upcoming Deadline Dates. 
Yours in Camaraderie,
Anson L. Booker
Anson L. Booker

District 14


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