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Did I scare you? It scares me that time is just flying by too fast! It just means the new year is well underway and all the Auxiliaries are hard at work! I was working on the calendar for October earlier and there are not as many events as there were in previous months, but that doesn't mean you are idle! There are many opportunities for working with the Scholarships and Youth this month with the Voice of Democracy, Patriots Pen, and Smart/Maher VFW National Citizenship Education Teacher program coming to an end on October 31. Also, the weather is perfect for working on the Statewide Project of beautifying the gravesites and cleaning the headstones of our veterans! Try to get the youth involved in ALL your programs! Doing is learning and the children must be exposed to what we do if they are to understand the meaning of Veterans.


There is another AUDIT DUE to Department by October 31st. Treasurers will be finishing up the quarter and notifying the Trustees they are ready for Audit. Trustees MUST be diligent in getting the process completed and send in the proper copies. Much training has happened in District 14 the first quarter of this year, but if help is still needed, please do not hesitate to ask!!!


The month also allows for a lot of fun with the State VFW Commander’s and Department President’s Homecoming taking place October 5-8 in our historical city of Fort Worth! Did I hear something about a State President riding a longhorn???? Not sure about that, but News at 11!! Then at the end of the month, many will be celebrating Halloween with Trunk or Treats and parties. Take lots of pictures!!


Before you know it, November will arrive. It is a month of giving thanks to all, and for all things! Utilize the opportunities to provide for the Veterans in your area and help to supply the food banks for the numerous visitors they will have during the months!


MEMBERSHIP!!! So many of our Auxiliaries are sooooo close to obtaining 100% membership! What’s the hold up? MANY districts in the great state of Texas have already obtained 100%!! Send another renewal if you must or get on the phone and ask for their membership dues as soon as possible! Have membership drives out and about! Many festivals are also going on so ask to set up tables and build your membership with new faces and energy! Host a fundraiser to assist in paying those dues, especially for those on limited incomes! And don’t forget this is a prime time to convince Annual members WHY they should convert to a LIFE membership. WE MUST strive to reach 100% BEFORE the deadline!!! There are also incentives listed on page 53 in the Program book for the hardest workers! Check it out!

Without members, we don’t exist!!


This is my first reminder that MID YEAR REPORTS ARE DUE BY December 5!! Most of those forms state December 10, but I must mail them out to the Department Chairpersons by snail mail, and I cannot send until I have EVERYONES stack!!! REMEMBER I am the ONLY PERSON you send these MID-YEAR Reports to. Please work on getting them to me a bit earlier!


Well, enjoy the cooler weather and remember our service to the Posts and Veterans is not an occasional event. Stay with it, stay caught up and get those reports turned in!!!




OCTOBER 6-9: Commander Toomer, President Lumpkin HOMECOMING, Fort Worth Stockyards

OCTOBER 31:   Audit due to Department by October 31!


Participation Depends on Education and Communications!


Kat Carter, VFW Auxiliary District 14 President 22-23

Kat Carter

Kat Carter

VFW Auxiliary President 22-23

District 14


Cell: 317-654-9910

"Participation Depends on Communication of Education!"