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District 14 Commander Monthly Comments

October 2021



Sunday, September 26 the COA met at Post 4816 in Porter, Texas to elect the State Quarter Master for 2021 / 2022. Congratulations to our new State Quarter Master Comrade Ben Lowrance.
The last couple of months I have talked about recruiting, bringing new people on board or non-paid members back to the posts. To do this we need to communicate with the community by letting the community know what the VFW does.
Post Commanders and Comrades, there is no change in our focus with our number one priority to help veterans. Our second priority is Retention and Recruitment. The Membership goal is 100% PLUS members, convert three or more current annual members to life, and at least one member to Legacy life. District membership goal is to convert twenty annual members to life, and six members to Legacy life.
By now the Post Quartermaster along with Post membership chairman should have printed a roster of all members. Post Senior and Junior Vice Commanders, and various members of the staff, should have selected at least five members they contacted for the week.
As you know strength is in numbers and as the numbers of VFW members grow, so does veterans voice in Washington. Be proactive, call members, keep them informed of importing dates, and what the post is doing. I challenge each member to recruit at least one new, or reinstated member each month.
  - Commanders Call and District Staff: Our ZOOM call will be on the first Thursday of each month, at 18:30. Have your monthly plans ready for the month and understand this will be required for every Commanders call.
  - Most of the Posts have been inspected. Bravo Zulu to the inspectors and Posts.
  - Conduct a Post Stand Down by 30th September 2021.
  - September 30th is the deadline for VPR Operation Iraqi Freedom at Texas VFW HQ
  - October 1st is the deadline to receive VPR for VJ Texas VFW HQ
  - October 10th is the deadline to receive VPR for Patriot Day Texas VFW HQ
  - October 20th is the deadline to receive VPR for POW/MIA Texas VFW HQ
  - October 28th is the deadline to receive VPR for VFW Birthday Texas VFW HQ
  - October 31st is the deadline to receive Post Audit at Texas VFW HQ
  - October 31st is the deadline to receive VOD, Patriot’s Pen and Special Projects enters at Post level
 Reece E. Carter
Reece E. Carter
District 14
“Responding to Your Need”