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What a great month of October! So many of the Auxiliaries were busy with Truck or Treats and costume parties to celebrate Halloween! This was a great way to get the community involved, while promoting the VFW and Auxiliary. Many children were entertained all the while knowing they were going to the VFW to have fun. Be sure to write up your Youth report as soon as possible and get it sent in to Department and District Chairs.


November 11 is Veterans Day! This is a great opportunity to recognize our veterans (Veterans/Family Support). Most everyone will be having a celebration in honor of Veterans Day.  Also, Posts and Auxiliaries are providing free Thanksgiving dinners for their local veterans. I feel the community food banks will be in great demand of assistance as well. Please share your activities with the District and community through your social media channels. Again, this   is all reportable!


Election Day is amongst us! Take advantage of early voting, it makes it so much easier! Ask non-drivers if they need a ride and get car pools together to make the voting even more fun!  Makes for a great Americanism report!


Audits are due by midnight October 31 (today). I have received only 60% of those. There is a “grace” period of a month to get it delivered to Department by the end of November before it is marked LATE. Once it is marked on the Memstats sheet with an L, it cannot be changed, and the Auxiliary loses the criteria for being a Healthy Auxiliary. Please work with your Trustees to  set up a schedule right after the quarter is over, without procrastination.


As mentioned above, reporting is a constant effort. There is so much to do but following up monthly is highly recommended. Some programs do not validate monthly reports, but such as Patriotism, Veterans/Family Support and Youth should be worked every month. Scholarships essay contests have been worked since August and will end when the winners’ entries from each post are turned into District. Time and place will be announced in a follow-up email.  Please offer to your Post members your assistance in getting submissions! I know many of you do the initial foot work in getting the information out to the public, private and parochial schools. Help bring in those entries as well, like offering to pick them up and bring to the Post’s committee. Offer to assist in judging as well. Everything is well described in the literature from National. All these actions are what we can report! If you have any questions, I will be glad to assist! The  next Scholarship is that of Continuing Education. Please help get the word out and try to collect applications!


And of course, working that MEMBERSHIP!!! A recent list was received of the Auxiliaries who have already obtained 100% for the year, but none were recognized in District 14…YET.          Several have reached 80%, but we must strive to retain our membership! Work on getting more members involved in your events. The more fun you have; the more likely new people will want to join. Keep the meetings to an hour by properly planning the agenda, saving “planning sessions” for another time. Have incentives in place for members who bring in applications and new member folders ready for those initiated.


Our deepest sympathies to the family of “Chief” Stephen Enos, Past Commander of Killeen 9192. Chief was a very dedicated member who always had a smile on his face! He will be missed. Burial is set for Sunday, November 2 at the National Cemetery in Killeen. Condolences to Post 8577 for the loss of yet another extremely active Post member, Daren Stewart. Just  keep in mind we need to support each other in the happiest and the saddest of times.


Have a wonderful month and a very Blessed Thanksgiving! Always keep your Veterans in mind!


Kat Carter

Kat Carter

VFW Auxiliary President 22-23

District 14


Cell: 317-654-9910

"Participation Depends on Communication of Education!"