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District 14 Commander Monthly Comments

May 1, 2022


Comrades, I would like to congratulate all the newly elected officers for District 14. Thru efforts of all Posts, the District is at 100% + in membership which warrants All State and All American. Congratulate yourselves on a job well done.

There are still some areas a few of the posts need to work; second and third quarter Audits, Membership, Youth, IRS990, MAP VPRs, and Community Service. Most Posts are at 90% or above in membership. I know all Posts can also reach 100% in the next couple of months.

Our number one priority is still veterans and families of veterans and to insure their well-being. If you know of a veteran in distress, please act. The second priority is recruitment and retentions. The goal for each Post is 100% + 1, to convert three or more annual members to LIFE membership, and at least one to LEGACY. A larger membership radiates a louder voice in Washington.

For those that missed the April 22 Luau at Post 9192, you missed an exciting time. I would like to thank Commander Reese, who opened his post for the Luau. Also, the Auxiliary who provided the roasted pigs with all the trimmings, and the entertainment. Those present were State Junior Vice Larry Sanders, and numerus past and present state officers.

Commanders and staff, I can only try to express my desire for each Post in the District to be all they can be. To achieve this you must be proactive, contact unpaid members and potentially new members to explain the many benefits of the VFW. Motivate all your members to do this on a regular basis. The District is there to help in whatever you need. We still have a couple of months to achieve the goal of 100% in EVERY Post. One drive is never enough. The membership chairman, with the aid of members, can set up more than one recruiting station.

Again, State Commander Macey would like to remind all Posts about the Membership Grant Program, for posts to sign up New and Reinstated members. For members signed up since January 1st, your Post will receive the amounts noted below:

  • New Annual Member $20.00

  • Reinstated Annual Member $10.00

  • New/Reinstated Member, Life Installment $20.00

  • New/Reinstated Member, Life (full) $30.00

Commanders check your stat sheet. I am sure there are requirements you have completed that have not been logged. If you have not completed the requirements, it is time to get started.

VPRs are due at Texas VFW:

  * May 1st Loyalty Day

  * May 8th Victory over Europe.

  * May 25th Memorial Day


Reece Carter 

Reece Carter


District 14

Gold Legacy / Life Member



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