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 District 14 VFW Auxiliary President Monthly Comments

  March 2022

Greetings Sisters and Brothers,


As we enter the third month of the year, we are reminded that much work is to be done! The holidays, COVID 19 and Omicron and many, many illnesses have kept us on guard, but we have marched forward to maintain and progress! I was fortunate to have attended a portion of the National President Jean Hamil’s visit to Texas. On Wednesday, February 16, we toured the Veterans Memorial Plaza in San Antonio, Texas. I was so very impressed with this tribute and embarrassed that I didn’t know of it prior to the visit. I must have taken fifteen pictures from every angle. It is indeed a beautiful work of architecture, and it was just as impressive the Founder and Chairman, John D. Baines (USN) was on hand to give to the story of how it was approved and constructed. This seldom happens these days! “This place of honor is dedicated to the memory and sacrifices of all San Antonians who served in our nations armed forces. Their willingness to meet and overcome the most difficult of tests will never be forgotten.” Dedication: November 9, 1985. Please try to visit when in San Antonio!

This is what it is all about! Veterans! We tend to drop our activity level during the holidays and colder months in our support to these ladies and gentlemen. I recently saw a meme reminding us of the troops not getting to go home to a warm bed after eight hours on the job or make the decision to stay home due to bad weather. They often miss so much of their children’s developmental years and must rebuild relationships upon their return from assignments. Be ever mindful they are doing it for a reason, to defend our Freedom!

Get fired up again! We have so much to do within the next four months, prior to the end of this term. Make a list: Get reports done! Get End of Year reports done! Send in audits and financial obligations. Press to obtain 100% Membership! Elect Delegates and Alternates and ESPECIALLY a new slate of officers! Set a goal to attend District Convention, Spring Homecomings, and quarterly meetings, and especially State Convention. Team up, buddy up and carpool. Such memories and friendships can be made from these activities with the Priority Goals as our fuel.

Be sure to share important State and District 14 Events:

March 25-26: State Commander Macey's Homecoming, in Porter, Texas

April 1-3: VFW Motorcycle Group of Texas Unit 1 to Host Spring ALL-STATE Weekend Meeting, in Tomball Texas

April 15-17: Easter Weekend: (prime time to begin reporting in Youth for the new term)

April 22 & 23: DISTRICT 14 CONVENTION (Mandatory for all VFW & Aux) UPDATED FLYER ATTACHED: April 22 FRIDAY NIGHT LUAU (Click to Read the Latest Information.) 7:00 P.M.at VFW 9192 Post and Auxiliary hosting and preparing dinner with fun and decorations. April 23, SATURDAY MORNING, CONVENTION JOIN MEETING beginning with registration at 9:00 AM at Harker Heights VFW Post 3892, with lunch at a cost of $8-10. TBD


June 16-19: DEPARTMENT OF TEXAS CONVENTION: @ Choctaw Convention Center

Best Regards and Love to each,

Kat Carter

Kat Carter

District 14

VFW Auxiliary President


Cell: 317-654-9910

“Veterans are our Angels”