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 District 14 VFW Auxiliary  President Monthly Comments

  January 1, 2022

Dear Auxiliary Presidents, Sisters and Brothers,

I sincerely hope each of you had a beautiful Christmas and New Year’s holiday. With a new year upon us, the word resolutions come to mind, and the other half of that thought is how long will a person work on those resolutions? The same applies to our dedication to our organization. When a new year begins, we often begin with enthusiasm and anticipation for new beginnings included with promises to do better at all we do. As time moves forward, we don’t look at our actions as resolutions, but obligations, routines, and requirements, losing enthusiasm, like new exercise program.

It is the same with our membership in our organizations. When we join, or even take on a commitment, we are excited to do our best, to attend regularly, and offer and develop ideas to support the organization. Enthusiasm begins to diminish as other obligations get in the way. The word volunteer becomes optional, forgetting how every hour or every effort is critical to the development of our group. Without your volunteering, stepping up to new positions, or providing donations, and working well with others, our organization will faulter and become weak, just as our bodies do when we don’t give it the nutrition needed.

I encourage each of you to recommit to this great organization by reciting, with heartfelt emotion, the obligation found on page 80 in the Ritual of the 2022 VFW Auxiliary Podium, individually and as a group in your monthly meeting, In the presence of Almighty God…your commitment to the objectives of the Veteran of Foreign Wars and its Auxiliaries, are found on page 2 in the By-Laws. We are here to assist our Veterans, who gave so much of their lives to give you the freedoms you enjoy.

I have been in contact with many of you since I accepted the duties to being our District 14 President. I have many goals, but to finish out Delores’ term in full compliance of her obligation, is my number one priority. I promise to create great communications and relationships with all our outstanding Auxiliaries. I have yet to discover one that is unwavering!

I hope many of you are making plans for our District 14 meeting on January 15, beginning sharply at 10:00 am we will have a joint meeting at the Killeen Post 9192, 301 Wolf Street, Killeen. Lunch will be provided at $8, menu TBA. Afterwards, we will have our Auxiliary District 14 meeting. Come early and get registered. ($1)

The following weekend, January 20-23, is the Mid-Winter Convention in Corpus Christi. I love these conventions as the enthusiasm is rampant, contagious, and renewing! Hope you can join us.

I personally want to thank each one of our Presidents for working to deliver a copy of the Mid-Year Reports. I have sent them into our Department Chairmen, who have graciously held up on completing their responsibilities.

I am just a phone call, text, or email away. Keep me posted on your events, health and weather providing, I hope to see many of you this month!

Best Regards and Love to each,

Kathleen (Kat) Carter

Kathleen (Kat) Carter

District 14 President

Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary



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