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 District 14 VFW Auxiliary President Monthly Comments

February 2022

Hello, District 14 Auxiliary Presidents, Sisters and Brothers,

What a wonderful experience to have been able to represent District 14 at the Mid-Winter Conference in Corpus Christ, TX in latter January. I was officially installed as your President by our own Juanita Workman, Department Chief of Staff, directed by our own Karen Kaylor, Department President, 2021-2022. Not dropping names, but the point is District 14 IS IN CHARGE! Everyone of your donations filled our pickup truck and the entrance into the hotel made me proud with all the gifts donated. Grab Bags alone brought in a total over $1300, and Membership was so close to being 100% that I KNOW we will be 100% by the end of April! Current Memstats show seven out of ten of our auxiliaries are at 100% or better! Just keep on trying to get those annuals paid and especially be working on new memberships!

Every Department Program Chair spoke as to what they had already received for this year. Please touch base by meeting with your Committee Chairs that they are in sync with the Department Chairs as to updates and reports!

VFS: Valentine Days are coming up this month and we want to include ALL veterans as our Valentines! Remember to celebrate those in the VA Hospitals with cards and sweets. Remember your local Veterans and surprise them with special treatment! Be sure to take pictures of every aspect of each activity!!

Legislative Chair Norita Jackson asked that we review the Priority Goals. I found this on MALTA: (file:///C:/Users/Kat/Desktop/D14%20AUX%2021-22%20KEC/LEGISLATIVE/PriorityGoalsBrochure.pdf) PLEASE share in your reports how you promote those goals. Remember to visit the high schools to get 18 year old students registered to vote and make sure everyone is signed up for the Action Corp Newsletters.

Nursing Scholarships: What would you do if you were in the hospital and there were no nurses? We all know how hard nurses work and that there is a nationwide shortage of personnel for this profession. Please promote this program and do all you can to find eligible applicants by following the suggestions on page 48 in our Program Book. Applications are due in before May 1!! Also, make sure your minimum donation of $15 has been sent to Department!

Scholarships: High School students should be working on their entries for the Young American Creative Art Contest! Your deadline to receive entries is March 31st. I MUST have your winning entries by Thursday, April 7. This gives you ONE WEEK to get them judged and to me! I will be shipping them to Annie by April 10. NO EXCEPTIONS! Youth CAN SING AND THEY CAN DO ART: Have a talent show, have a contest, call the newspapers, principals, and parents! WE NEED TO GET THIS AGE GROUP INVOLVED and these activities are the BEST way to do this! Check pages 66-67 for all the details. I hope to get a lot of great entries for both contests! Be aware of the deadlines and make sure your team is not late!

There is so much program work each of our auxiliaries can be doing. What are you waiting for? GET THOSE REPORTS WRITTEN AND TURNED IN AS SOON AS THEY ARE DONE.

Best Regards and Love to each,

Kat Carter

Kat Carter,

District 14 President



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