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District 14 Commander Monthly Comments

February 1, 2022


February brings much relief from the activities and meetings this past month. Our District 14 meeting was productive with news and stats shared. Membership is reading at 94.29% currently, and eight Posts are over 90%. Each need to declare a hard push to reach our goal of 100%. February resonates with love and commitment, and I sincerely hope each Post will renew the love of our purpose and intentions to help our veterans. This month is a prime time for Membership drives, cookouts, dances and whatever else your creative minds come up with to let your communities know we are active and ready to serve. Stat sheets are updated, and the weakest areas are in Community Service, Americanism and Youth. Make your activities with these themes in mind. Donations of $25 need to be made to the Texas House asap.

Initial nominations were made at the District 14 meeting and are still open until we complete the elections at our April convention. Now is the time when each Post should have the conversations to secure dedicated officers, goals, and action plans for the 2022-2023 term. Planning is continuous as is the ongoing activities of the current term. Along with planning is open communications. Not everyone can attend or do every activity, but well communicated intentions opens a calendar for volunteers to provide their skills and talents for the various activities. Keep the communications open with your Auxiliary as well. This is a valuable resourceful group with the goal of helping their Posts and all other veterans.

Notes of Interest:

The first meeting of our newest VFW Post 12209 will be held on the first Monday of each month. Please provide your support in helping the Post to grow.

Congratulations to our Voice of Democracy entrant, Chloe Gilland, sponsored by Belton VFW 4008 for being awarded as a State Finalist.

Make an asserted effort to study your Stat Sheet setting goals to improve the numbers.

Remember the Veterans at home and in the hospitals with your gifts and cards.

Remember to submit your upcoming activities to Loy Dean Gardner II so that they can be displayed on the District Calendar.

VPR for February 25: Vietnam Peace Accord

Have a "GREAT" February!

Reece E. Carter

Reece E. Carter


Gold Legacy / Life Member



"No One Does More for Veterans"