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 District 14 VFW Auxiliary President Monthly Comments

   December 19, 2021

Special Newsletter

Hello Auxiliary Presidents, Sisters and Brothers,

It is with shock and pride that I am the one writing this newsletter. I am in shock of the sudden death of our District 14 President, Delores Miller, and yet have pride that God is using me and unknowingly led me to be her replacement. In the summer of 2018, I met Delores as the District 14 Auxiliary President (2018-2019), who was charged with a rewarding responsibility of instituting a new Auxiliary within District 14 of the Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars Auxiliary. She was full of energy, ideas, smiles and advice for our group of fifteen novices. She led us into an exciting beginning, and she continued to support the Highland Lakes Auxiliary 6974 as we excelled, with her presence at various Posts and VFW Auxiliary functions. All the while, she and other Past Presidents did what they do best: train, share and advise.

I recently had been meeting up with Delores at various Auxiliary meetings to learn the processes required by a District President. She consistently encouraged me to look to next year, as I was considering the possibility of running for the position at election time in April. Delores’ number one criteria, ever, was her family. I still hear her saying “Family First!” which I have taken to heart as I recently agreed to begin the steps for election. By calling Delores home, our Lord, in his great plan for me, as he has one for everyone, has made that decision and put me in that position a few months earlier than expected. We will miss Delores greatly and will remember her encouraging ditty of “Report, Report, Report!”

It is extremely important to me that District 14 finish out this 21-22 term in full compliance of our By-Laws and with unity as a team to pursue our number one goal of assisting our VFW Veterans. Therefore, I commit to each Auxiliary to fulfill the duties of District 14 President, in memory of Delores Miller, by availing myself whenever possible to assist them in the many responsibilities we each have been charged with as members of this great organization. I am just a phone call, text, or email away. Certain hymns come to mind…right now, “He walks with me, and He talks with me…”

I hope to see all of you at the District 14 meeting on January 15th at Killeen Post 9192, beginning promptly at 10:00 am. Remember also, Mid-Winter Convention is in Corpus Christi just one week later, January 20-22. Check the websites for details.

May everyone have a Blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year of 2022!


Kathleen (Kat) Carter

District 14

VFW Auxiliary President

Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars




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