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District 14 Commander Monthly Comments

December 2021



As we start the month of December let us remember why we celebrate Christmas with our families and friends. It's not the Christmas presents we receive from our family and friends. It's their love from our family, sharing those moments in time with them and caring for each other during the holiday. But, in my opinion it's remembering the birth of our Lord and Savor Jesus Christ. Let's not forget those Veterans and their family that are homeless and looking for a little help during this time. Each Post and members please take time to help a veteran, a family of veteran and our homeless veterans during this Christmas Holiday.

I would like to "THANK" each Post and Commander on a job well done so far. It takes a team effort to achieve 100% in membership and this goal can be reached by each Post. Please review your Status Report. We have some Post that are behind on Community Services, Youths, Americanism and Buddy Poppy. We still have Post that need to add a New Life Member or upgrade an annual member to Life and pay their Texas Foundation requirement.

As a reminder, our next District 14 meeting will be January 18, 2019 at Veterans of Foreran of Wars Post 1820 in Temple, TX. I am looking forward to seeing all of you. Registration begins at 09:00 A.M., and the Joint Meeting begins at 10:00 A.M. and the business meeting will start at 1:00P.M. Our Department Guest will be the Department of Texas Senior Vice Commander Richard Shawver.  Let's show our State Senior Vice Commander how much Central Texas Veterans are looking forward for him to be here. It will be a great meeting! Here is a listed of the "Winners “from the District 14 Judging of the Voice of Democracy, Patriot's Pen and Teacher of the Year.

Voice of Democracy

    1st Place        Angelica Orosco               6974

   2nd Place      Austin Mouton                  10376

   3rd Place       Caroline Moehlenbrock     4008

Patriot’s Pen

1st Place           Taylor Mason                  10376

2nd Place            Clair Poage                    10376    

3rd Place             Seth Jones                      10376

 Teacher of the Year

  K-5                   Warren Duke                      3892

  6-8                    Rachel Faehnie                 10377

9-12                  Clint Mulhollan                 6974

The First Place in the Voice of Democracy and Patriot's Pen will go to the Department competition. All three Teachers will also go the competition at the Department level.

Thanks to all the Post members across the District for supporting the District judging held at VFW 3892.

Chairman of the VOD, Patriot's Pen, and Teacher of Teacher Tom Duchateau thanks for all you do.

Department of Texas is still offering Active Duty Service Members through the remainder of the VFW year free first year membership. I am looking forward to seeing the District take full advantage of this opportunity and moving forward with your Post Membership drives.

In closing, I would like to express my gratitude to all the Comrades and many dedicated members of both the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the VFW Auxiliary, again Thank You for all you do and I wish each one of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Yours in Camaraderie,

Anson L. Booker
Anson L. Booker

District 14


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