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District 14

SOP & Training Information for Post Level

2020 - 2021

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Department & National Items

Department of Texas SOP

Texas VFW All-State Program

Texas VFW All-American Program

National Membership Program - 2020-2021

Texas VFW Membership Recruiting Mission

Department of Texas By-Laws - 2020-2021-24Jun20

Submit Veterans Project Participation Report (VPR)

Submit Community Service Report

Review Post & District Status Report

National - Adopt-A-Unit Form On-Line Activity Report


National - MAP Grant Report

National - VFW Planning Calendar

National - "NEW" All-American Eligible Dashboard Training Guide

District Requirements for Posts 2020-2021

District 14 Commander Mission & Vision

District 14 By-Laws

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District 14 Membership Recruiting &  Retention Plan

District 14 Meeting & Training-V2

District 14 Inspection Teams

District 14 Post Inspections Schedule

Posts Meeting Nights

District 14 Organization & Training Itinery 

District 14 Training Slides- 15Aug20

District 14 - Post Dues for 2020 - 2021

District 14 Posts Status Report

Post Training Videos

Conducting a VFW Post Meeting Opening

Conducting a VFW Post Meeting

Conducting a VFW Post Meeting Closing

Challenging a VFW Member's Eligibility

Election Report & Convention Mailing

Submitting Post Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation

Mentorship Program - The Department of Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)


Post Requirments for All-State & All-American

Post Minimum Requirements

VFW Dates To Remember

Deadline Dates

Veterans Participation Report (VPR's) Commemorative Dates

Post Inspection Form

Post By-Laws Template

Post Articles of Incorporation Template

 State Awards Nomination Form for Individuals

Military Assistance Program - Veterans and Military Support - National Donation for All-American

District 14 Post Delegates Form


Post Quartermaster Items - 2020-2021

Post & District Quartermaster Blanket Bonding

Quartermaster Payment Online - Buddy Poppies, Quartermaster Bonding & Blanket Bonding, Service Officer Registration, Texas House at the National Home Donation, & MAP Donation

Quartermaster 8822-B Change of Address or Reponsible Party

Instructions Online Election Report

Post Trustee's Training Guideline

Quartermaster Trustee's Report of Audit

Quartermaster  Detail of Receipts and Disbursements

TABC Manual - June 2020

IRS 990 Information & Form

IRS Tax Guide

Veterans Tax Guide

Non-Profit Texas Guide

Texas Property

Texas Sales and Use Tax Exemption Certification Form