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 Chaplain Corner - October 2020 


October 1, 2020


From the Chaplain’s Pen................................................................Chaplain Al Lowe            

Greetings to everyone as we turn the corner and head for the final quarter of 2020.  I do  hope and pray that all who read this note are physically in good shape.  This virus is a real thing that demands all of us take special care of ourselves and those we love.  A couple weeks ago my grandaughter began feeling poorly.  Within a day she tested positive for COVID-19 and for the next ten days she walked a tight line of terminal or recovery.  She has recovered, but there are over 209+ thousand who have died, and quite a few of the VFW Family.  This is serious stuff – WEAR A MASK!  WASH YOUR HANDS!  DO NOT BECOME A PART OF A LARGE CROWD!

This is also the month prior to the voting for our President – to keep the one we have or vote for another.   This too is serious stuff and I personally encourage every reader of this note over the age of 18 to register and vote.

I am doing a lot of traveling over the past few months.  And into October and November I will continue visiting Districts presenting my Suicide Awareness briefing.  I have heard many briefings over the past month or two, most of them are really important.  Bottom line, utilize your VFW Family.  If you feel like S***, contact someone and talk with them.  I assure you, YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ALL VFW COMRADES.

Take care of yourself; I invite you to worship.

God Bless,


 Al Lowe

 Al Lowe



Bible Verse Of The Month

Job - Chapter 10 - Verses -9

"Remember, I beseech thee, that

thou hast made me as the clay; and

wilt thou bring me into dust again?



Prayer List

 Carlo S. Davis - COVID-19

Lee Anna Davis - COVID-19

Lora Land - COVID-19