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 Chaplain Corner - November 2020 


November 1, 2020


From the Chaplain’s Pen ……………..............……………………….. Chaplain Al Lowe

November is filled with dates and purposes of great value to the military community, the Veteran most importantly.  Wednesday November 11 is Veterans Day.  This is one of the few days that most of those who have not served have the opportunity to realize what opportunity they have missed.

I am a “lifer” in the military.  Not unlike many who will read this note, I spent my adult life in the service of my country.  First I was an enlisted soldier in the central highlands of Vietnam and an assistant Drill Sergeant at Ft Benning.  I was released from active duty and completed my education.  Fifteen years following I was brought back into the military as a Chaplain and spent the next 20 years on active duty.  What a trip!.  I retired with 23+ years for retirement and continue even now with service with the Veterans of Foreign Wars as a Chaplain.  Just this past week I have the privilege of doing a memorial for a Life Member of the VFW.

This week I am going to Lubbock and participate in their march for Veterans on the streets of Lubbock,  Cudo to Commander St3eve Evans for orchestrating this event.

Later in the month is Thanksgiving.  Ll & I will celebrate around our table at home, giving thanks for all God has allowed us, and praying for our brothers and sisters and family members still on active duty.

I encourage you to get into as many activities as you can.  Spend some time with the Comrades – at a distance and with your mask!

Thanks for all you have done, and for all we can do as the VFW.

See you down-range!


Al Lowe

Al Lowe

MA, SMin

District 14 Chaplain

Texas VFW State Chapain


Bible Verse Of The Month

Psalm 119, Verse 176

"I have gone astray like a lost sheep;

seek thy servant; 

forI do not forget thy commandments."


Prayer List

 Remember All our Veterans during this COVID-19 time.