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 Chaplain Corner - May 2021 


May 1, 2021


From the Chaplain’s Pen.........................................................................Chaplain Al Lowe

We head into May and perhaps the funniest month of the year.  We no longer have the fear of snow and ice, although we do have to look out for hurricanes and tornados.  But there are more than enough opportunities to go fishing!

It is also a special time to take care of one another.  It is critical in the period of time when everything is coming to life, the flowers are in full bloom, the grass needs cut.  But there are some of our comrades that all the springtime stuff makes them depressed.  And then some of our brothers and sisters feel that no one cares for them, they pull out their gun or a long rope and do damage to themselves – some even kill themselves.

It is all the more important to check on the Comrades.  Give them a phone call.  Go visit them.  I feel that it is more important now than the rest of the year to really and truly TAKE CARE OF ONE ANOTHER!

I have been going to District Meetings for the past year – when I could.  Now is the time of elections.  It is important for YOU, the individual VFW Comrade to go to your Post and District meetings when the elections are held and take an active part in the organization.

Folks – take care of your Comrade; and take care of yourself.

Al Lowe, MA, DMin
Texas VFW District 14 & State Chaplain
Chaplain (LTC) USArmy (retired)



 Bible Verse Of The Month

 John Chapter 16, Verse 7

"Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is

 expedient for ypo that I go away: for if I go

 not away, the Comforter will not come unto

 you; butif I depart,I will send him unto you"


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Roosevelt Pugh

Post 1820

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Cathy McCall

Post 4008 Auxiliary Life Member

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