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 Chaplain Corner - May 2020 


May 1, 2020


From the Chaplain’s Pen.........................................................................Chaplain Al Lowe

It is hard to figure out what is going to happen, when it is going to happen, and under what conditions.  A couple of VFW events have been moved, and more than a couple have been moved more than a couple of time.  Kind of confusing!


I have said this in public, and with individual units and Posts, the secret killer out there is the suicide.  I have no idea of the number of suicides the VFW has recently experienced – but I figure it is several.  And again, what I am urging all who read this note, contact your Comrades.  Give them a call, or even a note.  Right now, is not the best time to make a visit and I do not recommend a visit.  But I do say contact.  Here is some suicide awareness material:



Factors:                                     Symptoms:                                  Warning Signs

Depression                               Appetite Change                       Obsession with death

Alcohol, substance abuse        Feeling helplessness                 Plans of killing self

Previous attempts                    Crying                                        Access to means

No social support                    Decreased work performance   Withdrawn / Outward

Divorce, separation                 Decreased motivation                Passive / Aggressive

Personal failure                       Sleeping pattern change           Pending proceedings



       DO:                                                      DO NOT

Take seriously                                    Leave individual alone

Ask questions                                    Moralize or judge

Listen carefully                                  Agree to a secret

Watch for physical indicators            Act shocked

Check for means                                Dare

Check for support systems                 Shame or humiliate



The suicide rate among veterans vastly exceeds that of active-duty troops.  According to estimates last year by the US Department of Veterans’ Affairs, a US military veteran commits suicide every 80 minutes – 18 veterans a day.




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