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 Chaplain Corner - June 2020 


June 1, 2020


From the Chaplain’s Pen ……………………...........………………. Chaplain Al Lowe

The other day I was giving some thought to Biblical Scripture and how it might apply to me individually and the Veterans of Foreign Wars specifically.  What was provoking that thought was the fact that I am getting ready for the VFW State Convention and the election of officers and appointments for the coming year. Not unlike the civilian politicians, many running for positions in the VFW lay out plans, some intricate, others quite simple. And then I turned the question upon me. I am a candidate again for State Chaplain. That sounds great. What is it I am running for, and what is it that gives me guidance?

I happened to be reading from the book of Daniel. A wonderful series of stories involving Daniel most of the time although there were other characters in the stories. As a young man, Daniel along with many of this friends and relatives were taken into captivity and physically taken to Babylon. In my mind I thought I knew what Daniel must have been thinking as to how he could escape or do harm to those holding him captive. But quite frankly, and to my surprise, Daniel was thinking quite the opposite.

In chapter 1, verse 8 we are told how Daniel thought. The Bible says that “Daniel made up his mind that he would not defile himself.” Essentially what he was saying was that he was going to do what God directed him to do, even in captivity. Daniel was not going to cause trouble, although sometimes following God did cause him some trouble.

That applies to me – and hopefully all VFW leaders – I am not going to defile myself with the king’s temptation. I am going to seek God’s will in my life and do it. 

And I suggest that to you – do not defile yourself.  Give it some thought.

I pray we will have a wonderful year in the VFW, and not become defiled.



Al Lowe

District Chaplain

Department Of Texas Chaplain


Bible Verse Of The Month


Psalms, Chapter 4, Verse 8

“I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep:

 for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety.”