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 Chaplain Corner - January 2020 


January 1, 2020


From the Chaplain’s Pen………………………………....………………… Dr. Al Lowe

It is now the time to make our annual promises to ourselves to accomplish a mission. For many of the Comrades I would suggest they consider the self-promise of quitting smoking! Many Posts have agreed to “No Smoking” in the Post. This is a smart thing to do as more and more of our Comrades are experiencing the results of smoking. But smoking is a personal determination; in other words, it is totally up to the individual to continue smoking or to stop smoking.

This past year I would up in the hospital for a few days. There is a long medical identification, but it amounted to having a “minor” stroke. At that time the neurologist asked me if I smoked, to which I said I smoked a pipe.  Most of you might remember my pipe! The physician then told me that while I did not experience a” full blown” stroke, smoking is a major contributor of the stroke, and that I was a prime candidate for a stroke. 

It is now about 10 months since I have enjoyed the pleasure of smoking my pipe!  And almost every day I remember my pipe, smoking my pipe, and enjoying my pipe.  But then I remember my time in the hospital along with the various medical tests, and the promised ultimate result of my continued smoking my pipe.  I am a prime candidate for a “killer stroke.”

 It is not easy!  It will never be easy!  But I am not going to smoke my pipe again!  So, I challenge everyone claiming association with the VFW.  WE all have brothers and sisters who smoke various forms of tobacco.  Only with their permission, let us assist them to quit smoking.  I will volunteer first – anyone wishing to support me not to smoke, I welcome you. For my Comrades who wish to smoke, go for it. And when you are ready to quit – I am ready to render my support.

2019 is now history.  2020 is becoming recent history.

I pray God bless you, our VFW, and the United States of America.

Al Lowe MA, DMin

State Chaplain



 Bible Verse Of The Month

John 3, Verse 16

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his

only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in

him should not persih, but have eberlasting life."

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