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 Chaplain Corner - February 2022 


February 1, 2022


From the Chaplain’s Pen ........................................................ Chaplain James "Andy" Sneed

February is a time to share our love with love ones, family and our VFW family! Please take time to read the Bible Verse for February and to see how it coincide with Valentine's Day. We should practice that verse every day. Remember each of us has a story to share with our VFW family and love ones, make time for them each day of the month and the years to come.. 

I would like for each Post Chaplain across the District to submit a prayer list for member and family who are under the weather, sick, getting ready to have surgery or need a speicak prayer for anything. So we can share it across the District. My last request to Post Chaplains please provide me with obituary information on past Post members and District members so we can post them on the District website. 

As we ponder to wear or not to wear our mask remember use your best judgement on the subject. The life you might save could be mine. COVID-19 is part of our life and we don't know long it's going to be here. 

Before you know it spring will be here and then summer. So we can be outdoors again doing our favorite things. Get ready!

I thought I would add this last item for our romantic VFW members.

I pray God blessing on you, our District, Posts and the United States of America. Article by Loy Dean Gardner II.


 James "Andy" Sneed

James "Andy" Sneed

District 14


Life Member



 Bible Verse Of The Month


Mark 12, Verse 33
"And to love him with all the heart and
with all the understanding and
with all the strength, and
to love one's neighbor as oneself,
is much more than all whole
burnt offerings and sacrifices.”

  Prayer List

To all the Veterans Families that has COVID-19 across District 14!


"No Member This Month!"