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 Chaplain Corner - February 2021 


February 1, 2021


From the Chaplain’s Pen ………………………………..................…… Chaplain Al Lowe

Welcome to February, the “shortest” month of the year. The only month that grows every fourth year only to shrink during years 1, 2, and 3. I remember from my science classes that the growth and shrinking has to do with the amount of time it takes for earth to traverse the diameter of the sun. Go figure that out!

Times are rough for recruiting in the VFW. Meeting people, visiting people, the monthly VFW Post meetings are so difficult this year. It is so easy to figure it too dangerous to visit, but then we go to Walmart, some go to the Post for a beer (I get a diet-coke), or a picnic. The issue is to be careful and do smart things.

When people become hostile about wearing the mask, I tell them it is for me that they do not spread their COVID-19 germs. Too bad so many people think it is something to do with their right – to do dumb things.

Moving toward spring and summer. Right now, get your fishing pole cleaned, line changed, right baits purchased. Oil your baseball glove. Varnish your WOODEN bat.  Get ready.

Always fun to talk with you -

Take care – do smart things.


Al Lowe

Chaplain Al Lowe

District 14 Chaplain

Texas VFW State Chaplain 


 Bible Verse Of The Month


Matthew 11, Verse 28

"Come unto me, all ye that labour

and are heavy laden, and I will


give you rest."

  Prayer List

To all the Veterans Families that has COVID-19 across District 14!


"Jim Gandy"

Post 4008

Funeral Arrangement for Jim Gandy

 Monday 22nd February:

0930 - 1030 Hours - Viewing

Crawford-Bowers, 31st Street in Temple (across the street from the Temple Mall)

1030 - 1130 - Service.

  Service will be at Crawford-Bowers by Chalpain Al Lowe

1300 Hours - Grave Service.

Grave side at Veterans Memorial in Killeen.