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 Chaplain Corner - February 2019 


February 1, 2019


From the Chaplain’s Pen ………………………………..................…… Chaplain Al Lowe

We move ever so quickly through January into the shortest month, February.  Among other things, in January I visited District 29 and District 14. Also, I attended the Texas VFW Mid-Winter meeting. On the night of the banquet, Saturday the 26th, I experienced a “minor stroke” and was taken to the hospital.  I was well taken care of and experience no after effects. But enough of the past, let us move forward.

The District 14 Convention will be the latter part of April. I certainly suggest that as many of the Comrades make plans now to attend that two-day experience. It will take place at Post 10376 Commander Wesley Lewis. It is at these conventions that By-Laws are brought before the Posts for acceptance. Also, will be the elections of all officers beginning with the District Commander. Everyone has a vote and there is no one’s vote which will be compromised. Again, I encourage you to attend that meeting of the election of our leaders.

In preparation of your attendance, I suggest you get and read the book Leadership in Turbulent Times by Doris Kearns Goodwin. This book examines the leadership style and capability of four presidents, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson. If you are planning to experience the joy of holding a position, you must prepare yourself for leadership. Get the book, read the book!

The District has achieved 102% of our challenge of membership. Again, a chance for everyone to take a positive roll in the Post, District, Department of the VFW.

Take care, do good things.  I will see you down-range.


Al Lowe 

Al Lowe

Post, District & State Chaplain


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I Peters Chapter 5, Verse 7

"Call all your care upon him

He careth for you."


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