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 Chaplain Corner - April 2021 


April 1, 2022


From the Chaplain’s Pen.....................................................Chaplain James "Andy" Sneed

Comrades, Spring is finally here! Now we can do all our spring cleaning. As we clean our home and yards let us not forget our homeless veterans across our communities. Let us take time to give to our local Post, Veterans Organizations, and other Non-Profit Organizations to help "ALL" our veterans in need.

This month is an especially momentous time in our VFW Organization across this great country. It's time for all "Districts and Posts across this country to hold their yearly elections for New Officers and Delegates for 2022-2023 year. Each State (Department) will have a representative at each District within their State and each Post will have a representative from District or a Post. This a particularly crucial time in the VFW, so let us get out and support each candidate that is running for a position.

Comrades remember our District, Posts, and the United States of America in your prayers. Article by Loy Dean Gardner II.

Blessings to all our comrades across the District!

James "Andy" Sneed

James "Andy" Sneed

District 14


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Bible Verse Of The Month

 Romans 6, Verse 22
"But now being made free from sin,

and become servants to god,

ye have your fruit unto holiness,

and the end everlasting life."


Prayer List

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