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 Chaplain Corner - April 2021 


April 1, 2021


From the Chaplain’s Pen.........................................................................Chaplain Al Lowe

My Comrades: April 2021 Over the past four months I have been on a campaign for appointment of the Southern Conference and ultimately the VFW National Chaplain. At the time of the voting in March, I came in second. It was a fair election of three senior chaplains, and I came in second.

Now I could be angry and do some name calling. That would prove one thing – I am a poor loser. However, I am more than that. Sure, I was disappointed. And sure, I really thought I was going to win the position. But when the counting was done, (again) I came in second.

I could have claimed ballot irregularity – someone was messing with the voting count. But that would be a sore loser. I knew who was counting the votes, and I was certain it was accomplished correctly – and of the three candidates, I came in second.

The point is that we all get looked over and from time to time, come in second. I did our Department proudly. I am proud of what I said and did because I said the correct and truthful things. And I came in second.

But this time, and always, there is more to life than being the top vote-getter. I still have my calling as a Chaplain. I still have my friends and comrades in peace as I did in war. I did the correct thing in the correct manner – none of which I am sorry.

The lesson I share with you as you read this paragraph is that not always will we get what we want. Sometimes what we want if best suited with someone else. So, I refuse to pout; I refuse to get sore. I refuse to get angry. I will continue with my service to my Lord, the VFW, and my family.

And if anyone wants to join me in a Diet Coke, I will even buy the first round.

Blessings to you, Comrades!

Chaplain Al Lowe, MA. DMin

VFW Post 4008 Chaplain

District 14 Chaplain

Texas VFW State Chaplain



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  Psalm 90, Verse 4
"For a thousand years in thy sight

are but as yesterday when it is

 past, and as a watch in the night."


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