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Veterans of Foreign Wars Texas



District 14 Commander Monthly Comments

August 2020


Dear Comrades,

I pray that this communication finds you and your families in good health and spirit.

Despite the deadly COVID 19 pandemics, the District has gotten off to a very fast start and I’m proud of all of the Commanders and Comrades within our great district. Our commitment, communication and teamwork will be the cornerstone to success, and we must continue to work together, hand and hand with our Auxiliaries.

Our first virtual Commanders Call was a great success and I appreciate your preparation, cross talk and patience dealing with the new technological way of conducting business and fellowshipping. Our next Commanders call will be on August 27, 2020 at, 1900hrs, via Zoom, All Post Commanders, and District Staff are required to attend. Status Sheets are expected to be posted on the Department website by the 5th day of August 2020. The status sheets are used to track the minimum requirements that must be completed in accordance with National and State VFW By-Laws.


     -  Independence Day VPR due August 3rd, Korean Armistice VPR due    August 27th.

     -  Mandatory donations: Buddy Poppy, MAP, National Home for Children, National Military Services, reference your Texas VFW SOP for amounts.

     -  Post Service Officer registered, and Post Quartermaster bonded due September 1st.

     -  Ensure you are preparing to complete your 2019 ISR Form 990 which is due December 21st. Once you complete the 990, you must make a copy of the front page and forward it to Wayne Cooley at the Department HQs.

     -  Voice of Democracy and Patriot Pen entries for 2020-2021 are due to the Post by Saturday October 31, 2020. Post winners must be submitted to the District by November 15th.

Comrades, in closing, we must be proactive not reactive and get our bills paid and knock out our mandatory observances and programs. Keep up the good work and if you need any assistance do not hesitate to contact me. We are "ONE TEAM, READY & FORWARD"!

Carlo S. Davis

Carlo S. Davis


District 14

Department of Texas