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District 14 Commander Monthly Comments

April 1, 2020


I want to applaud our comrades for theirs outstanding work, and success that we’ve have done so far. The VFW is going through some tough times now, but we will overcome and win this battle with COVID-19. I asked that we all check on our members, the communities and each other to assist where we can, by just making a phone call to say hello, sometimes that’s all we need to hear is a friendly voice.

I’ve had our Adjutant Gary Land to send many emails to try to keep everyone informed on all the information that I received. I’ve spoken to many people regarding Post and District meeting, Commanders be smart and make good decision don’t put yourself or your membership in harms way. My plans for the District are canceling the District Convention in April and hold our meeting in May. We still only have four Posts to reach 100% in memberships (3892, 9191, 9192, 10376) as of today. There is still a lot of work to get done before our District meeting and Barbeque on May 16, 2020 at VFW 1820 in Temple, Texas.

We also have the State Commander & State President's Homecoming on 23-25 April 2020 in Bay City, Texas. Click here to read more about the Homecoming! Remember the State Convention will be in Austin, Texas (June 17-21, 2020).

All the Posts in the District this month will be focused on the upcoming nomination and elections of officers at Post and District level. I encourage all members in the District to think about what you can do for your Post and District. If you want to run for a position, this is the time to let your leadership know and Past Commanders, so they can advise you which path will be right for you. I encourage all comrades go visit other Posts in the District.

Remember as we start this month, we still have some work to do on community services and VPRs. Some Posts still need to work on their members. A reminder for those Posts that will make "All-State" you will have to turn in an "ALL-STATE" Entry Form. It's on Page 6 of the Texas VFW Membership & All-State Program 2019-2020 - Click to download.

Commanders remember it’s your responsibility to ensure that your VPR’s and any other correspondences are sent to Department and that they have been received and processed.

Finally, I would like to pass on the Commander-in-Chief Doc Schmitz plan to ask for help from "ALL" VFW Posts across this country and overseas to lay down a challenge for the month of April 2020! Click here yo read more!

To the Comrades and many dedicated members of both the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the VFW Auxiliary across this District, again I “THANK” each one of you for all you do for our Veterans.

Yours in Camaraderie,

Anson L. Booker

Anson L. Booker

District 14


“Riding The Rails Serving Our Veterans”

"No One Does More For Veterans"