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Veterans of Foreign Wars Texas
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District 14 Commander Monthly Comments

April 1, 2021


I pray that this communication finds you and your families in good health and spirit.

Post Commanders and Comrades, no change in our focus, we must attack our Retention and Recruitment goals. Our membership goals remain the same, achieve 100%+ for each Post within our District, add or convert 33 annual members to Life (3 per Post) and 11 Life members to any level Legacy Life (1 per Post) and keep our retention above 90%. Commanders, as you prepare for elections ensure that you reach out to the District early for Officer training and please make sure you do a good left seat, right seat with the new incoming officers.

Continue our membership campaign; Operation "CALL" to Action is a campaign to assist the Post Commanders and Staff to telephonically contact at least 10 x continuous (annual) members a week and speak with them of the critical importance of renewing their membership. Post Commanders will have the Post Quartermaster print a roster of all annual members and with the assistance of the Post membership chairman, Post Senior/Junior Vice Commanders, and various members of the district staff, will each select 10 members that they will contact for the week. This process will continue every week until all annual members have been contacted. Post Commanders are expected to notify your respective staffs and have these rosters printed and execution to begin at your earliest opportunity.


- Commanders Call and District Staff, Zoom call on the 6th of May @7:00 p.m.

- Mandatory donations: National Home for Children, National Military Services ($100 payment to Nationals)

- Start preparing for your Post elections, new officer training and the Election of Post Delegates

- VPR Deadlines; Kosovo 23rd of April, Somalia Operation 30th of April, reference page 13 of State SOP.

- VPR, Special Project Observing the 100th Texas VFW Birthday!

- 3rd Quarter Post Audit 30th of April / Report your community service!

- ELECTION REPORT DEADLINE MAY 2, 2021 (Send to District/Department).

Comrades, in closing, we must be proactive not reactive, knock out our mandatory observances and programs. Keep up the good work and if you need any assistance do not hesitate to contact me or the staff. We are ONE TEAM, READY & FORWARD!

Carlo S. Davis

Carlo S. Davis


Gold Legacy Life Member