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 District 14 VFW Auxiliary President Monthly Comments

  April 1, 2022

Greetings Sisters and Brothers, 


As March comes to an end with high winds and spring storms, we are reminded how vicious Mother Nature can be, yet how Easter can symbolize renewal. Many of our trees are pollenating causing allergy reactions, but flowers and plants are springing buds of beauty and renewal. Some individuals are laboring over gardens and deliberating when will be the best time for planting. It’s all a part of our faith in the future. A life without end. Such is our calendar for the VFW and its Auxiliaries. So much will be happening in April, all to promulgate the future of our wonderfully patriotic organization.

In a brief list, as an April calendar will be available the last week of March as well as my detailed emails, please make your plans for Year End reports, elections, contests closures and Year End activities. Reports are critical to the accountability of our organization. From the vote to do an activity, through the final stages of reporting the activity must be turned in to those who also have deadlines of reporting. We are thankful for your efforts and have plans to celebrate your accomplishments at the District 14 April 22 Luau and Award Dinner at VFW 9192. A flyer has been sent to all Auxiliaries and shared. District 14 Convention will be held April 23 at VFW 3892. The split of having District Convention at two different Posts was to spread the work. There is a lot of planning that goes on behind the scenes, and we just did not want to bombard only one Post. Please make sure your membership knows of these events and especially plan on making the meeting on April 23.

April begins the renewal and continuation of our organization with elections. Each President should strive to make a complete roster, using the Podium Edition 2022 as your guide. Make sure the candidates know and understand the job responsibilities of every position. There are many resources on MALTA and in our Podium Edition to help get the word out. Along with those responsibilities is to understand the promise or commitment of taking the oath of being a member and an officer. Approach and inform your ENTIRE membership, not just the ones that have been actively involved lately. Those sitting at home may not even have a clue of the need at hand. Invite them by calling them or sending out postcards. Do not assume they know what’s happening but assume the NEED to know. Invite them to make your April meeting and renew their enthusiasm they had when they joined. Offer the websites in a flyer with information of District, Department, and National. If you need help in making a local website, we will get you help.

District 14 VFW w/Auxiliary information: http://district14vfwtx.org/

District 14 Auxiliary Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/

District14auxiliarytexas Department of Texas: https://www.texasvfwauxiliary.org/

National Resource for members: https://malta.vfwauxiliary.org/Account/NewLogin

National VFW Auxiliary website and newsletter signup: www.vfwauxiliary.org

Prayers for those who have lost family members recently. Prayers for those who received damage due to storms. Prayers for the victims of the Russian/Ukraine war. Praise God for continuing to stand beside us and give us the strength and knowledge needed to get to the renewals waiting for us.

Best Regards and Love to each,

Kat Carter

Kat Carter

District 14

VFW AuxiliaryPresident


Cell: 317-654-9910

“Veterans are our Angels”