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District 14 Mental Health Awareness

2020 - 2021 Year

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Sustaining and Improving Your Mental Health and Well-Being During the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Outbreak - July 23, 2020


Taking care of yourself, including your mental health, is essential during this time. There are things that you can do to manage your stress and anxiety daily in the comfort of your home. No one knows how they will react when placed in a stressful situation. Many people may experience anxiety, fear, stress, or feelings of depression. For some of us, this is normal. Try doing some of the things below to help you cope.

  • Exercise regularly, try to eat well-balanced meals and get plenty of sleep.
  • Limit alcohol intake.
  • Practice breathing exercises and/or meditation. VA has many free mental health apps for Veterans like Mood Coach, COVID Coach, and Mindfulness Coach.
  • Take breaks from the news.
  • Stay connected with others while practicing physical distancing (see below for tips).
    Participate in activities or hobbies that you enjoy, or learn a new one.
  • Keep your current mental health appointments. VA offers both video and phone tele-mental health options that do not require you to go to your closest facility in-person should you have a medical concern or need to follow specific physical distancing guidelines in your community.
  • Learn ways to connect with VA providers using telehealth options and schedule or reschedule your appointment online. If you are requesting a new mental health appointment, please call your local VA, and they will work to arrange an appointment for you. If you need same-day access for mental health services, call your local VA to request this, and you will be connected to care.

Also, see these great resources on managing stress and anxiety related to COVID-19: