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March 22, 2019


In This Issue:
1. House Introduces Bill to Expedite VA Leases
2. Military Sexual Assault Task Force
3. Air Force General Tapped for Top NATO Position
4. Share Your GI Bill Video Stories
5. MIA Update

1. House Introduces Bill to Expedite VA Leases: Last week, Congresswoman Julia Brownley (D-Calif.) introduced a bill to bypass unnecessary hurdles in VA’s leasing authority. The common sense legislation would align VA’s ability to authorize leases with those of other federal agencies, thereby eliminating a bureaucratic roadblock. The Build a Better VA Act would make it much easier for Congress to authorize medical facility leases. For years, the VFW has asked Congress to modify VA’s leasing authority and we applaud Congresswoman Brownley for her efforts to make this happen. Read the press release.

2. Military Sexual Assault Task Force: This past week, Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan agreed to support the recommendation of Senator Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) to immediately establish a Department of Defense task force to eliminate sexual assault inside the U.S. military. The task force will be led by Senator McSally and will be comprised of military personnel and civilian advisors. It is expected to deliver its preliminary recommendations in time for the FY 2020 National Defense Authorization Act mark-up.

3. Air Force General Tapped for Top NATO Position: President Trump has nominated Air Force General Tod D. Wolters for appointment as the next Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) and Commander of the U.S. European Command. Currently, General Wolters serves as the Commander Allied Air Command; Commander, U.S. Air Forces in Europe - Air Forces Africa. If confirmed, he will be replacing General Curtis Scaparrotti who has served as the SACEUR since late spring of 2016. Learn more.

4. Share Your GI Bill Video Stories: This year marks the 75th Diamond Anniversary of the signing of the landmark World War II GI Bill, and VA would like to share first-hand videos about how the VFW-championed GI Bill impacted your life after service. Half of the 16 million men and women who served during WWII took advantage of the GI Bill, and these veterans are credited with creating not only the middle class and our suburbs, but with being directly responsible for our nation flourishing so much in the second half of the 20th century by becoming our new scientists, scholars, politicians and captains of industry. America also benefited by reaping a return on investment of conservatively $8 on every $1 spent in the form of higher taxes paid on the higher wages earned by virtue of their higher education. This is a great opportunity for youth and Scouts to earn community service credits for helping to share stories from America’s Greatest Generation, who now number less than a half-million. VA is accepting submissions until June 22. Upload your video.

5. MIA Update: The Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency did not announce any identifications or recovery updates this week.

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